Patient Treated


Including Patient Treated at OPD, Normal and Specialty Camps organized at far flung areas and at Baqirya Headquater.

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Patient Treated During Specialty Camps

8250 +

Patients are Treated by Expert Doctors from prominent institution from Outside District and State.(Cardiologist, Psychiatrist, Ortho,

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Ambulance Service


63= Critical Care Patient transported to outside District, 278= Patient lifted in and around district, 72= Death body transported.

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Laboratory Investigation


At nominal price and free of cost for weaker section of the society .A fully equipped with latest Technology Lab is established at BHC&RC Hqr.

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Including Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Businessman, Contractors, Labours, Religious Persons, common man etc.

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Serving Humanity Since


Baqirya Health Care & Research Centre (BHC&RC) came to existence in the year 2007 founded by Late Sheikh Mohammed Hussain Zakiri

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About us

This is  an apolitical organization formed  by the Educated youths of Kargil  belonging to different professions i.e,   Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Contractors and other professionals with the aim to provide  health services to all needy people without any discrimination of cast creed and religion with the name  of IMAM MOHAMMAD BAQIR (A.S) as Baqirya Health Care & Research Centre, Kargil.This Organization is registered with the Registrar of Societies  Govt; of Jammu and Kashmir).During the initial two years since the inception of Baqirya in 2007,the  activities carried out were the  Sunday OPDs at baqirya Complex Beamathang


“Volunteers are not paid-Not because they are worthless,but because they are priceless……”

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Mission 2020- Hepatitis-B Free Kargil

Mission Hepatitis B Free:After successfully completing first phase of the mission in shargole Block Baqirya ing to a population of around 15000 souls in the age group of 10 -60 years. TheProgramm is tentatively scheduled 

Critical Care Ambulance Service

In 2013 the Baqirya Health Care & Research Centre, Kargil inducted an Ambulance and started providing Ambulance Services for the needy & poor patients.
Baqirya provides ambulance services 24×7 for 

Multi Super Specialty Camps

Free multispecialty Medical Camps to provide multispecialty health services to the underserved populations of far-flung areas, Baqirya Health Care & Research Centre, Kargil has conducted 36 free Medical Camps and treated and provided free Medicine for 50000 Patients till date.


Late Sheikh Mohammad Hussain Zakiri

Sheikh Muhammad Hussain Zakiri the Founder of BHC&RC and a top religious and social icon of Kargil, who revolutionized this remote and impoverished region in the midst of Himalayas.76 year old Zakiri died in peace at his home in the wee hours of Thursday July 28.   A relentless fighter, Sheikh Zakiri remained active in the public life of Kargil, a key strategic town in the Ladakh region of Kashmir. Educated in Najaf, Iraq Zakiri was deeply influenced by Islamic Revolution of Iran and its founder Imam Roohullah Khomeini.In 1989 Zakiri established a trust named after Ayatollah Khomeini which played a  key role, not only in educational and social sectors, but gave a new direction and meaning to politics of this most neglected region of the state. By the time Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust (IKMT) came into being in late eighties, Zakiri had developed a large following because of his strenuous efforts for community welfare. He was heading Anjuman-e-Moeen-ul-Islam formed by him in 1973. 


Dr. Willayat Ali, MD Consultant

President BHC&RC

The pursuit of health is not only for the wellbeing of individual citizen but is also vital for the overall development of the community. BHC&RC Plays an important role in the health care section of Kargil. We safe guard the health of the people of Kargil. The Success our team is on proper planning efficient implementation administration, adequate financing and effective evaluation system.


Dr. Oliyat Ali, ENT Specialist

Vice President BHC&RC

Holy Quran says if u save one human being it’s as if u have saved the whole of humanity. I personally believe that to help some one in distress is the biggest Ibadat u can do on this earth. No material success can match the happiness and bliss that you get by bringing a smile on some grief stricken faces. And what better way to do this than …………………………………Click here for more


Dr. Ahmad Ali, Orthopedic Surgeon

Founder Member and Advisor BHC&RC

Words will never express the gratitude I feel for this amazing health care family, foundation of which was laid down by the never ever unforgettable Patron Late Sheikh Mohammed Hussain Zakiri whose determinations and positive outlook has changed our lives towards an optimistic attitude. ​………………….Click here for more…


Er. Mohammad Sadiq

General Secretary BHC&RC

Baqirya Health Care and research centre is a health wing of Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust Kargil. The organisation was established in 2007 by some volunteers under the leadership of chief patron Late Hojatulislam Shiekh Mohammad Hussain Zakiri aimed to alternate health facilities in Kargil district. … Click here for more…


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